We're still a small shop, but we're gaining recognition and demand for our products is increasing.  As we grow, we won't lose sight of our passion for great instruments and our commitment to world class craftsmanship and elegant, unique design.

John Allison Guitars


Allison Guitars is committed to producing the finest acoustic guitars and dedicated to honoring traditional construction methods.

Allison Guitars

We're overdue for catching up on the website and the Allison Guitars story.

When we closed the main shop in 2015, production stopped and we didn't have a facility to restart. I decided to hold off and put the business on hiatus indefinitely while my family moved to a different part of town and we got my youngest son through college.

During that time I went (back) to Collings Guitars to work part time and, slowly, put some effort into getting a working shop set up at my home. It was a pretty easy decision to return to Collings since I now live less than 10 minutes from the their shop. Working there took up a lot of my time and energy but it was good to just be in a groove and be part of that team again. I was able to bring some good skills to bear and move around as needed and I trust that my being there was a help to them. Having an easy, steady paycheck without any hassle was a nice change from the stress of running a small business on a shoe-string budget in a tight and competitive market.

Over the last few years, I've taken on a few repair and small building projects but really haven't been set up to settle into any sort of production or get major building projects going. More and more over the last year though, I've gotten inquiries about specific guitars that are still on the leftover "Current Production" list or inquiries about starting new custom commissions. Since my home shop has been shaping up during that period too, I've been able to consider resuming work on some projects and perhaps starting some new ones.

A real catalyst has been the disruption to businesses due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Collings has had to all but shut down and my services aren't needed there. That leaves me free to shift gears in preparing to take on work in my home shop. It'll still be a bit before I can feel confident of my facility in terms of keeping the sort of rigid environmental control needed for the acoustic guitar building process but things are looking good for a return to limited production. It may be very limited for a number of reasons but I think there's every possibility of putting out a few instruments a year.

For the time being, I'm staying put and avoiding public contact. I'm not sure when that will change. The last several weeks have been spent putting the "homestead" in order with an expanded vegetable garden and a small chicken coop, stocking the pantry with goods and organizing my shop to get ready to dig into some overdue guitar work. I'll keep corresponding with folks who've inquired about guitars or restoration projects and I'll try to update the Allison Guitars Facebook page to keep up with any new developments...

John Allison - April 2020

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