Audio Samples

We'll be adding new sound samples pretty often for the next few weeks as we process recordings and organize files. We can't hope to capture the full experience of playing one of our instruments, but we can give a good representation of some of our acoustics and provide some comparisons between the various choices available with some of our electric guitars and steels.

Acoustic Guitar

OM cutaway, Koa/Englemann

Dreadnought Mahogany/Sitka

J1 jumbo Black Walnut/Sitka

Electric Guitar

The EG-1 features a choice of custom wound "vintage" P-90's or standard Jazzbar/Bluesbar P-90's from Rio Grande Pickups in Houston, Texas. The difference between the two sets comes through pretty well in the sample recordings, and you should be able to get an idea of the tone structure of each. Of course, your mileage may vary according to amp choice and settings. These samples were recorded with a custom Princeton-style tube amp from Bill Ussery of Austin Tone Lab in Austin, Texas.

Vintage P-90 Bridge

Standard P-90 Bridge

Vintage P-90 Neck

Standard P-90 Neck

Vintage P-90 Middle

Standard P-90 Middle

The EG-2 featured here is equipped with Rio Grande's "Texas Barbeque" humbucker set. These are standard covered humbuckers--"Genuine Texas" in the neck and "Texas Barbeque" in the bridge. The coil-tap feature on the rhythm pickup allows for some very sweet "in-between" tones.

EG-2 Bridge

EG-2 Neck

EG-2 Neck tapped

EG-2 Middle

This EG-1HB has a body of very light African mahogany which, paired with a hard maple/Honduran rosewood neck, provides some serious snap and snarl. The pickup set featured here is Rio Grande's "Buffalo Texas" set with a "Genuine Texas" in the bridge and a PAF-style "Buffalo Texas" in the neck.

EG-1HB Bridge

EG-1HB Neck

EG-1HB Neck tapped

EG-1HB Middle

Coming very soon is an EG1-HB with a body identical to the one featured above, but equipped with an uncovered "Texas Barbeque" set. I expect a slightly darker, more "ballsy" tone that should sound fantastic with the high-midrange bite of the mahogany body.

Steel Guitar

Ash body WC Steel Guitar

Alder body CCC Steel Guitar